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I In addition to the daily care of you we will provide assistance in selecting an information tour programs, the best restaurants and rental cars.

You can enjoy free swimming pool chaise lounges, cookhouse, board games.

In the apartment hotel available Internet services.

Choice of tour programmers

On the tour you can go alone, with driver, or the Russian-speaking guide in the group, ordering pre-tour.
Prices range from 15 to 90 € depending on the duration and saturation program. To go where you want, think about selecting beforehand.

What's more interested in you, to touch the Christian relics — the hand of John the Baptist or see pelicans and lotus flowers on Skadar Lake? Visit Ostrog monastery, carved into the cliff, or descend to rafte on mountain river? More detailed information can be found on page "Leisure" and detailed information material directly into the apartment hotel.

Rent car

Taking on a rental car, you can every day to choose a new place for recreation. Drive across the coast of Montenegro, from the fortress walls g.Hertseg Novi naturist beaches to the shores of rivers Ada-Boyany, on the road where you will enjoy its warm reception many resort towns and unique natural landscapes, which did not see on any tour. Or go to the centre of Montenegro, where your eyes gaze open snow-capped mountain peaks Durmitora and protected forests. Depending on the car model and timing of rental prices range from 35 to 120 euros per day. Rent you can make yourself right at the airport or order the service from us. The service is fee.

Best Restaurants

Traditional cuisine Montenegro best combines the benefits of seafood and rich pastures. Adriatic, lakes and rivers give more than 116 species of fish and shellfish. A dairy products and meat are the real generators vital energy. Amazing tasty and a young lamb meat, cooked under a cap on the corner, and trout, roasted or cooked in braziers on curdled milk. Invariably try the kitchen signature dishes: Negushsky steak — melting in the mouth meat with cheese filling, liver with apples carp or smoked meat. The best restaurants Boko-Kotorska bay the Chatovicha Mlini and Stari Mlini are at equal distance from the apartment hotel, 15 minutes. A complete list of restaurants and contacts you can get detailed information materials directly into the apartment hotel.


For you, we can arrange a meeting at the airport and transferred to apartment hotel. The service fee, but the cost will surprise you pleasantly unlike the taxi prices.

In agreement and for a fee you can be provided such services as: washing, ironing personal effects, cooking breakfasts, meals on the grill support staff.

When placing small business groups, we are ready to book the "conference room for seminars, presentations and courses. And also organize food and sightseeing tours directly for the group.

In the apartment hotel accommodation is possible with animals - to harmonize and for a fee, depending on the size of the animal and possible damage to the hotel inventory.

Hotel Location Rooms Photo Service Leisure Prices

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