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Each visitor will be able to find something interesting here: extreme sport or relaxation on the beach, fascinating excursion and walks in old corners of the town, concerts, festivals, extreme parties, disco clubs running by modern JDs. Also you happy nature: on the territory of Montenegro are 4 reserve, and the absence of harmful industries allowed since 1992 formally confirm the right of Montenegro called clean state. Water Adriatic Sea is so transparent that even seen the bottom at a depth of 50 meters. Here the beaches for all tastes: sand, shingle and artificial stone pier. Surprisingly beautifully Skadar Lake is rich in fish and the only place in Europe, where the pelicans live.


In addition to, from a variety of excursions, turned its attention to the following:

Tour the vineyards

During the tours can be found with the process technology and production of wine, taste wines, and get a bottle of wine as a gift.

Tour at the Bar and Ultsin

In the Barsí olive grove grows very old olive tree in Europe, his age more than 2 thousand years. Ultsin, to the present day retain their non-transferable oriental flavour is famous for a unique creation of nature — in a beach 13 kilometres, with† polymict sand which has healing properties.

Two canyon Tara and Moracha

During the visit, you will picturesque views of the mountains, gorges, turbulent mountain rivers, waterfalls and glacial lakes.

There are stops at the viewing platform, including in the Tara canyon — Moracha, highest in Europe and second largest in the world (up to 1300 meters depth!) and a unique bridge Dzhurdzhevicha, with the highest span in the world — 108 meters above the river.

Tour to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

With a tour group to visit Dubrovnik can be without registration Croatian visa. Thanks to the variety of cultural and historical monuments of the city brought in the book world treasure by UNESCO. Famous vallum, a lot of cathedrals, museums and Marine Aquarium.

Tour to Albania

ntil the recent past, Albania was the most closed country in Europe. You will see a series of spectacular natural and cultural-historical sites.
architecture of the country — a mixture of many religions, styles and cultures, from ancient Greek monuments period to Muslim minarets.

Walking and sea walks


Risan very picturesque surroundings, and attractive to foot, 20 minutes is a waterfall, which during high water is a towering force flow going from overcrowded mountain lakes. when the track peresyhaet, is a grotto that can conquer any brave man.

In half walk from the Risan is Perast town ("Homeland navigators") where you get acquainted with the turbulent history, traditions and glorious life of seafarers.

In the maritime museum city Perasta rich collection of objects and portraits of captains, including Mark Martinovic, who studied seamanship boyars Peter I.

Sea walks

From berth in Risan, Perast and Kotor walking away ship on which you can ride on beautiful Boko-Kotor Bay, even as it tenderly Montenegrins called "Bride of the Adriatic".

To swim to before his famous islets, one of whom is a natural, and the second created by human hands of hundreds of thousands of stones.

Commit a walk on the yacht or boat on the coast of the Adriatic Sea to enjoy the panorama of coastal cities and the island of St. Nicholas, Becici, Milochera and St. Stephen's — the visiting card of Montenegro.

Also by water transport, you can get to the most remote wild beaches, which are no less beautiful than the well and allow you to privacy.

In the quiet waters of the Gulf Risanskogo can fish from boats to catch fish, eels and crabs. If you are interested in larger fish, consult an experienced trainers, and they are happy to arrange for you to the marine fishing marlin.

For fishing is also more than 40 mountain lakes and rivers, where live more than 116 species of fish.

Festival, events

Montenegro is held annually in many theatrical festivals and carnivals: "Feast of mimosa" — celebrations in honor of the first spring flower mimosa: balls under the masks, carnivals, literary evenings, exhibitions of flowers, art exhibits, theatrical performances, gathering flowers mimosa.

"Carnival holidays" — carnivals, balls under the masks for children and adults, the traditional show of bokelskoy cuisine, musical concerts, performances.

The international event "City-theater" — plays, concerts of classical music, ballet, the evening of choral singing, literature and poetry evenings, art exhibitions.

And also you can see the traditional events: "The shooting in the rooster" in Perast, "Days of Beer", "Bokelskaya night" — a parade of boats.

Rich palette of sporting events, are some of them: International Cup on PARA SKI sport — Durmitor, Chernogorsky ski festival — Cross-country skiing competitions.

"Hot winter in the mountains" — entertainment, sports and cultural events, Snowboarding and skiing competitions.

"Golden Eagle Durmitor" — competition in slalom and giant slalom, "Montenegro Winter Kup" — Cup road races on snow, held from January to March in Zhablyak, Kolashin, Niksic, Cetinje.

From 19 to May 25, 2008 will be held F-1 race on the water "Class one Montenegrin Grand Prix World Powerboat Championship". The race will be broadcast in 54 countries around the world, expected to arrive multitude of VIP-persons.

lso at your service activities organized by sports clubs and centres of yachting, mountain cycling, road trophy at the jeeps, paragliding, riding, climbing, orienteering, speleology, aeronautics.

Ferry to Italty

If you want to diversify their journey today Montenegro, Italy tomorrow — you can do that too.

Of the port's Bar night ferry, go where the Adriatic Sea for the whole night you to the Italian Bari, the main Christian relic which are relics of St. Nicholas. For independent travel, necessary Schengen or Italian visa. The cost per 1 person journey through home, depending on the class accommodation: from 44 euros (outside deck space) to 192 euros (per cabin).

Entry into the territory of Italy in the excursion does not require registration of the visa. The programme of excursions — 2 nights on the ferry Bar -Bari-Bar and a day in Italy. In the first half of the day review conducted tours of the old city of Bari (with a visit to the basilica Sv.Nikolay) and the "city of trolls" Alberobello. Afternoon — free time.

At the ferry made tax-free return on the results of shopping in Italy. The cost of excursion trip by ferry from 195 to 245 euros per person, depending on the class of accommodation (including for 1 breakfast and 1 dinner on the ferry).

Aktiv tourism

Rafting on the River of Tara canyon - a journey where on steep thresholds stops breathing from acute feelings, but in backwater is breathtaking beauty and grandeur of the surrounding nature. The event is designed for the whole day. The price includes breakfast, lunch and services instructor.

Water bikes ride you can in Budva Riviera. A windsurfing on the coast of Ultsin, where wind and waves are ideal for this sport.

Diving. Among the interesting divsite that you can visit the remains of ships and aircraft, the Gulf of amphorae, the Blue Cave, "City Poseidon" — underwater rocks with caves, a sunken ship on Lake Skadar. You can rent a boat or a yacht for multiple dives or safari, go diving courses on the system PADI, SCUBA, rent equipment.

For fans of mountain ski and snowboard best route Durmitora mountains, Belashitsy and Kolashina. On the territory of ski bases is operating lifts, restaurants and rental skis.

Disco club, events, music

In the summer season discos are held throughout the coast, in the seaside town come most modern DJs, who collect huge masses of young people and lovers of night life. The original disco arranged directly in the fortresses of old cities. Here you can meet not only Montenegrin guys and girls, but also find friends from all over Europe.

Also in Montenegro take place the concerts stars of world values, so in 2007 under the open sky in one of the most beautiful beaches passed Rolling Stones concert, and in August-September 2008, the Madonna concert.

Kotor Art — an annual festival of classical music. In Kotor come some of the most revered musicians and conductors of our time and demonstrate their art. Most concerts are free and are held under the arches of churches and temples than create a special atmosphere and acoustics.

International Festival of pop music usually takes place in Budva. Participants are musical groups from Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia. About beauty and melodiousness Serbian language you can judge for the 2007 Eurovision songs victorious Mary Sherifovich.

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